Mountain Bike
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001Canfield Mountain Trail System
3,405 ft-932 ft
003Canfield Mountain Trail System
4,256 ft-606 ft75 ft
005Canfield Mountain Trail System
4,889 ft-1,089 ft11 ft
3 miles-612 ft755 ft
1562 “a”Canfield Mountain Trail System
1 mile-157 ft413 ft
224 #224Palouse Divide
2,228 ft-98 ft157 ft
227 to Carlin BayMt Coeur D Alene
4,509 ft-70 ft195 ft
3.3 Camp Trail #3.3Dworshak Reservoir
479 ft69 ft
453c Connector 453cMt Coeur D Alene
4,140 ft-28 ft189 ft
5 Corners TrailCraig Mountain
1,575 ft-12 ft3 ft
Afternoon DelightSilver Mountain Resort
3,786 ft-477 ft11 ft
Airport LoopSilver Mountain Resort
3,921 ft-14 ft9 ft
Airport SpurKellogg
2,147 ft-7 ft
Alt RockMoscow Mountain
3,579 ft-191 ft45 ft
Alternative Sampson Trail 221APalouse Divide
2 miles-110 ft642 ft
Ames Ridge National Recreation Trail #570Avery
4 miles-100 ft2,232 ft
Apgar Trail #111Orofino
2 miles-73 ft1,976 ft
ApplejackCraig Mountain
1,821 ft188 ft
Baby SwissSilver Mountain Resort
203 ft
3,291 ft-195 ft13 ft
Balsam RouteMoscow Mountain
1 mile-27 ft353 ft
Barney Creek #313Coeur d'Alene
3 miles-658 ft144 ft
Bear GrassSchweitzer
4 miles-1,403 ft13 ft
Bear RidgeSchweitzer
2,700 ft-37 ft100 ft
Beason Meadows Trail #228Palouse Divide
7 miles-2,986 ft432 ft
Beaver Bay ShorelineFarragut State Park
1 mile-51 ft41 ft
Beaver Bay Shoreline (Upper)Farragut State Park
1 mile-92 ft71 ft
Beaver Gulch 2295AKellogg
2 miles-128 ft550 ft
Beaver Peak Road #2295Kellogg
8 miles-191 ft2,537 ft
Beaver Peak Road Lower Loop 2295BKellogg
1 mile-371 ft76 ft
Beaver Peak South Ridge #1913Kellogg
1,138 ft62 ft
Beef CampCapital Hill
2 miles-69 ft1,168 ft
Beetop-Roundtop #120Mineral Point
5 miles-40 ft3,168 ft
Beetop-Roundtop #120Sandpoint
7 miles-2,046 ft1,315 ft
Beetop-Roundtop (Central) #120Mineral Point
8 miles-1,054 ft891 ft
Bernard PeakBernard Peak
5 miles-6 ft2,047 ft
Bet You Can'tLookout Pass Bike Park
1,010 ft-102 ft
Big Creek (Upper) #44Herrick
3 miles-1,627 ft479 ft
Big Creek Drainage Trail #44Herrick
12 miles-4,069 ft5,015 ft
Big DickSt Maries
5 miles-3,522 ft262 ft
Big Eddy Trail 210A 210ADworshak Reservoir
482 ft31 ft
Big Eddy Trail 210B 210BDworshak Reservoir
259 ft44 ft
Big Eddy Trail 210C 210CDworshak Reservoir
768 ft-62 ft
Blonde JeansMoscow Mountain
2 miles-216 ft359 ft
Blue to YellowCoeur d'Alene
4 miles-656 ft937 ft
Blue TrailEnglish Point
853 ft-15 ft
1 mile-385 ft59 ft
Boot Hill RoadMineral Point
4 miles-677 ft965 ft
Bottom of Trail 9 to Trail ACanfield Mountain Trail System
4,107 ft-116 ft253 ft
Bronson Meadows #155Herrick
4 miles-1,863 ft1,303 ft
Bronze Bay TrailEmpire Trails
1 mile-338 ft96 ft
Brush Lake - Tungsten connectorSandpoint
2 miles-3 ft350 ft
Brush Lake TrailKaniksu National Forest
6 miles-516 ft514 ft
1,243 ft-32 ft22 ft
Buster's Bullion #107Gold Hill
2,748 ft-368 ft25 ft
Buster's Bullion #107Gold Hill
420 ft-47 ft2 ft
ButterflySherwood Forest
1 mile-110 ft78 ft
Cabin SpurSandpoint
446 ft27 ft
Cabin TrailMoscow Mountain
3,212 ft-272 ft23 ft
Cabin trailEnchanted Forest
2 miles-34 ft731 ft
Canal Creek TrailPierce Recreational Area
6 miles-71 ft1,165 ft
Canfield Loop Rd (btwn Viewpoint And Trail 11)Canfield Mountain Trail System
8 miles-434 ft290 ft
Canyon Creek 107 #107Orofino
3 miles-147 ft1,277 ft
Canyon Creek Trail #120Dworshak Reservoir
1 mile-193 ft339 ft
Capital HillCapital Hill
1 mile-678 ft60 ft
Cardiac BypassSherwood Forest
2,500 ft-18 ft148 ft
Caribou Ridge Trail #79Mt Coeur D Alene
1 mile-566 ft67 ft
Cascade Connection #1590Coeur d'Alene
7 miles-3,054 ft2,006 ft
Cave PointOrofino
7 miles-4,077 ft702 ft
Cave TrailCanfield Mountain Trail System
4,571 ft-595 ft39 ft
Cave TrailMoscow Mountain
2 miles-350 ft462 ft
Ccc Trail #734Orofino
5 miles-3,910 ft49 ft
Cedar ConnectorMoscow Mountain
1,257 ft-86 ft
Cedar CreekSt. Joe River
4 miles-2,596 ft524 ft
Cedar GroveMoscow Mountain
2,356 ft-170 ft4 ft
Cedar Grove WestsideMoscow Mountain
1,201 ft122 ft
Cedar Mountain #9St. Joe River
5 miles-1,296 ft1,083 ft
Cedar RidgeSherwood Forest
971 ft-51 ft79 ft
Cedar Ridge spurSherwood Forest
312 ft
Charleston LoopEmpire Trails
1,529 ft-51 ft28 ft
Charlie's PeakHells Gate
4,040 ft-96 ft126 ft
Chilco Mountain Trail #14Athol
7 miles-2,525 ft2,320 ft
Chutes & LaddersCraig Mountain
2,333 ft-249 ft46 ft
Claim Jumper #114Gold Hill
2 miles-649 ft859 ft
Cleveland Gulch Trail #333Palouse Divide
1 mile-812 ft39 ft
4,190 ft-232 ft10 ft
Clifty - KatkaNaples
9 miles-4,391 ft1,750 ft
Clifty Mountain SpurNaples
4,227 ft-51 ft448 ft
1 mile-5 ft161 ft
Coal Creek #41Graham Mountain
3 miles-239 ft2,632 ft
Coal Creek #41 (Upper)Graham Mountain
4,731 ft-2 ft878 ft
1,375 ft160 ft
Coeur d'Alene River Trail #20 (Lower)Coeur d'Alene
6 miles-1,687 ft1,931 ft
Coeur d'Alene River Trail #20 (Upper)Coeur d'Alene
8 miles-1,898 ft2,215 ft
Colburn Lake TrailSchweitzer
1 mile-44 ft258 ft
Cold Springs Trail #128Dworshak Reservoir
5 miles-821 ft714 ft
4,482 ft-437 ft
ConnectorGold Hill
76 ft18 ft
Cool NeatnessSilver Mountain Resort
2,890 ft-299 ft17 ft
Copper CanyonCanfield Mountain Trail System
4,438 ft-24 ft404 ft
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