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Primary Activity Mountain Bike
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We're a non for profit trail advocacy organization. Our mission is to create, enhance, and preserve great trail experiences for mountain bikers across Canada.

Riding Areas

nametrailstotal descenthighest trailtotal distance
108 Mile XC Trails29-3,137 ft3,721 ft30 miles
12 Mile Coulee20-1,549 ft3,990 ft12 miles
16 Mile Creek39-2,003 ft547 ft15 miles
1926 Tract - Town of Mono2-277 ft1,299 ft2 miles
9 Mile Recreation Area5-262 ft2,136 ft4 miles
9 Mile River4-341 ft182 ft4 miles
A la Peche Trails2-1,821 ft1 mile17 miles
Alberni Valley Community Forest1-878 ft575 ft12 miles
Aldergrove Regional Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Anderson Tract - Town of Mono6-591 ft1,309 ft4 miles
Anima Mundi7-283 ft708 ft3 miles
APASOA7-124 ft74 ft3 miles
Arboretum4-74 ft56 ft3 miles
Ashburnham Park2-186 ft810 ft1 mile
Awausee Mountain1-12 ft664 ft1,032 ft
Babine Mountains Provincial Park10-5,072 ft1 mile39 miles
Baker South4-3,344 ft1 mile5 miles
Bankeir10-1,071 ft4,773 ft6 miles
Barbers Bay7-62 ft960 ft4 miles
Barrier11-7,689 ft1 mile41 miles
Batawa North14-773 ft573 ft18 miles
Batawa Ski Hill20-1,122 ft541 ft16 miles
Beachburg County Forest11-185 ft564 ft12 miles
Bear Mountain50-7,225 ft1,818 ft23 miles
Bear Mountain Wind Park4-445 ft3,247 ft10 miles
Bearspaw5-318 ft4,207 ft2 miles
Beatton River8-1,813 ft2,552 ft10 miles
Beaver Lodge Forest Lands48-1,699 ft341 ft23 miles
Becaguimec Trails9-761 ft395 ft3 miles
Bechtel Park5-70 ft1,080 ft2 miles
Becker Bike Park4-203 ft1,410 ft3,903 ft
Beckwith Trails6-42 ft444 ft7 miles
Bennie's Corners18-229 ft503 ft5 miles
Berry Head2-64 ft106 ft1 mile
Berry Hill7-550 ft443 ft7 miles
Bert Flinn42-3,005 ft692 ft12 miles
Big Creek Provincial Park10-10,550 ft1 mile58 miles
Black Oak Prairie Heritage Park1-78 ft591 ft6 miles
Black Rock Community Trails13-769 ft300 ft9 miles
Blackcomb CRA41-8,754 ft1 mile16 miles
Blewett9-7,188 ft5,015 ft18 miles
Blue Ridge5-609 ft2,160 ft7 miles
Boer Mountain and Kager Lake53-16,211 ft4,080 ft61 miles
Bootleg Mountain25-11,494 ft1 mile39 miles
Botterill Bottom Park31-2,261 ft2,986 ft17 miles
Bottomlands38-1,238 ft4,084 ft22 miles
Boundary Bay Regional Park50 ft0 ft0 ft
Bowmont Park36-1,865 ft3,872 ft20 miles
Bowser Trails27-1,531 ft391 ft17 miles
Box Lake9-3,130 ft2,693 ft19 miles
Brackendale51-1,890 ft1,996 ft32 miles
Branch 7 Trails19-4,612 ft3,938 ft16 miles
Brandywine12-883 ft1 mile19 miles
Brant Tract15-493 ft823 ft11 miles
Brock Tract20-1,489 ft1,307 ft7 miles
Brohm Lake15-3,584 ft1,325 ft14 miles
Broom Point1-54 ft66 ft1,666 ft
Brown - Lowery Provincial Park3-94 ft4,441 ft4,547 ft
Bruce Peninsula Mountain Bike Adventure Park11-154 ft794 ft5 miles
Bruce Peninsula National Park13-1,998 ft796 ft33 miles
Buckhorn2-516 ft3,844 ft9 miles
Buena Vista13-502 ft2,186 ft4 miles
Bull Trail Park North14-1,829 ft3,006 ft5 miles
Bull Trail Park South9-1,026 ft3,007 ft5 miles
Bulyea Trails37-1,317 ft2,303 ft23 miles
Burchell Hill00 ft0 ft0 ft
Burke Mountain88-20,559 ft3,961 ft57 miles
Burns Lake Bike Park (Please use Boer Mountain and Kager Lake Area)00 ft0 ft0 ft
Campbell Mountain41-8,485 ft2,769 ft31 miles
Candle Creek22-2,811 ft3,541 ft22 miles
Cape Breton Highlands National Park16-2,615 ft1,320 ft22 miles
Cape Split Provincial Park6-1,327 ft463 ft8 miles
Cariboo Mtn Alpine Trails2-3,919 ft1 mile9 miles
Carmichael Trails16-675 ft246 ft7 miles
Carrick Tract10-277 ft1,283 ft4 miles
Cartwright Mountain23-3,223 ft3,385 ft20 miles
Cassidy Farm2-43 ft594 ft1 mile
Castle Frederick18-1,057 ft535 ft13 miles
Castle Mountain26-11,341 ft1 mile39 miles
Castle Provincial Park5-1,268 ft1 mile17 miles
CBT Mainline Network19-5,375 ft4,210 ft30 miles
Central Edmonton (North)26-908 ft2,221 ft15 miles
Central Edmonton (South)108-3,441 ft2,271 ft28 miles
Central Toronto145-2,072 ft623 ft66 miles
Channel Ridge3-1,634 ft733 ft6 miles
Charlottenburg Forest12-394 ft342 ft4 miles
Cheakamus76-12,846 ft3,606 ft54 miles
Chebogue Meadows4-120 ft168 ft3 miles
Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area18-1,542 ft2,613 ft10 miles
Chief Will Yum7-1,935 ft3,114 ft10 miles
Chilliwack Community Forest101-24,181 ft5,273 ft104 miles
Chimney Lake38-1,944 ft3,232 ft16 miles
China Ridge36-11,320 ft4,653 ft54 miles
Christie Lake19-939 ft880 ft13 miles
City Trails40-3,031 ft1,063 ft29 miles
Claudie35-2,289 ft561 ft13 miles
Club Plein Air De Caraquet25-150 ft98 ft11 miles
Cold Lake Bike Park8-292 ft1,860 ft4 miles
Colebrooke Trails15-1,021 ft793 ft5 miles
Collins Loop00 ft0 ft0 ft
Colony Farm9-148 ft107 ft7 miles
Columbia Lake7-2,134 ft3,474 ft15 miles
Community Centre Trails17-1,040 ft317 ft9 miles
Conkle Mountain11-3,612 ft3,071 ft12 miles
Connor Park31-2,094 ft813 ft9 miles
Cooking Lake / Blackfoot Recreation Area27-2,418 ft2,571 ft37 miles
Coombs Candy59-9,720 ft1,896 ft33 miles
Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area30-16,565 ft1 mile33 miles
Cortes Island19-2,594 ft916 ft17 miles
CountrySide Preserve12-380 ft1,146 ft9 miles
Coutlee Plateau20-4,952 ft3,936 ft30 miles
Coyote Park13-503 ft1,545 ft2 miles
Crabbe Mountain10-3,509 ft1,275 ft12 miles
Cranbrook Hill9-1,810 ft2,773 ft8 miles
Crawford Trails110-27,987 ft1 mile93 miles
Cumberland Forest194-23,280 ft2,309 ft123 miles
Cypress Hills Provincial Park78-11,758 ft4,806 ft133 miles
Cypress Provincial Park15-11,621 ft1 mile25 miles
Cyril Smith Golden Acres Park13-445 ft263 ft2 miles
Dagmar North Trails38-1,278 ft1,179 ft14 miles
Dalemead Reservoir1-113 ft3,313 ft8 miles
Dalewood Conservation Area9-185 ft760 ft6 miles
Deas Island Regional Park10 ft0 ft0 ft
Deer Park21-371 ft98 ft17 miles
Delta Watershed82-3,244 ft265 ft17 miles
Desous21-13,830 ft4,357 ft30 miles
Devon River Valley30-2,508 ft2,321 ft20 miles
Devonwood Conservation Area5-53 ft632 ft2 miles
Dewdrop & Tranquille13-13,266 ft4,664 ft51 miles
Diamond Head107-29,274 ft3,274 ft68 miles
Diana Lake Teahouse00 ft0 ft0 ft
Discovery Centre / Lookout Trail4-177 ft1,304 ft2 miles
Doumont163-13,865 ft1,705 ft82 miles
Downes Bowl / McLure Hillside22-1,150 ft406 ft9 miles
Downtown Rossland15-445 ft3,685 ft3 miles
Dragon Mountain14-5,624 ft4,208 ft17 miles
Drumheller00 ft0 ft0 ft
Duck Lake Trails95-11,915 ft2,488 ft98 miles
Dufferin County Forest Main Tract63-3,128 ft1,094 ft45 miles
Eagle Mountain75-12,424 ft2,821 ft33 miles
Eagle Point Provincial Park2-323 ft2,628 ft5 miles
Eagle River Nature Park1-48 ft1,239 ft2 miles
Eastern Arm Pond3-1,414 ft541 ft11 miles
Edgemont42-853 ft4,101 ft13 miles
Elgin39-2,593 ft806 ft28 miles
Elgin1-5 ft543 ft4,567 ft
Elizabeth Lake4-145 ft2,860 ft8 miles
Elk Island National Park1-131 ft2,375 ft10 miles
Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park4-185 ft104 ft3 miles
Ellison Provincial Park27-3,708 ft2,151 ft16 miles
Elliston Park4-270 ft3,629 ft12 miles
Ennisclare Park7-39 ft450 ft4,138 ft
Eramosa Karst Conservation Area9-98 ft706 ft4 miles
Fairgound Community Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Fairservice Fun73-3,282 ft1,627 ft31 miles
Fanshawe Conservation Area20-1,485 ft957 ft20 miles
Felker's Falls18-486 ft649 ft6 miles
Fernie Ridge46-15,785 ft1 mile59 miles
Ferris Provincial Park8-512 ft643 ft5 miles
Fielding Park4-327 ft891 ft10 miles
Fish Lake31-2,355 ft4,692 ft23 miles
Fitzpatrick Mountain28-2,858 ft909 ft24 miles
Flat Top4-525 ft2,168 ft8 miles
Forest Heights32-1,587 ft2,175 ft8 miles
Forster Creek2-1,405 ft1 mile6 miles
Fox Harb’r Resort15-153 ft62 ft9 miles
Fox Mountain58-12,751 ft3,258 ft38 miles
French Fort Cove13-928 ft270 ft9 miles
Frisby7-6,991 ft1 mile21 miles
Fundy National Park30-17,452 ft1,210 ft77 miles
G. Ross Lord Park19-267 ft708 ft7 miles
Gallagher Hill17-5,268 ft2,154 ft21 miles
Ganaraska Forest84-15,086 ft1,293 ft127 miles
Gatineau Hydro Corridor48-584 ft623 ft24 miles
Ghost Lake14-1,223 ft1,453 ft15 miles
Gibson Trails10-346 ft121 ft4 miles
Gillard62-15,055 ft5,214 ft42 miles
Gilpin Grasslands Provincial Park1-324 ft2,272 ft4 miles
Giveout and Gold Creek43-13,128 ft1 mile55 miles
Glacier Creek00 ft0 ft0 ft
Glacier National Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Gladstone Provincial Park6-7,849 ft4,575 ft28 miles
Glen Major Forest33-2,710 ft1,285 ft15 miles
Glen Morrison4-761 ft570 ft9 miles
Glen Mountain17-2,497 ft1,539 ft11 miles
Glen Valley Trails1-49 ft69 ft4,072 ft
Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park7-1,329 ft4,019 ft11 miles
Glenridge Quarry Naturalization Site1-191 ft586 ft2 miles
Gloucester Park7-67 ft2,290 ft1 mile
Goat Mountain2-1,220 ft4,911 ft3 miles
Goat Range Provincial Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Gold River00 ft0 ft0 ft
Golden Area2-16 ft1 mile4 miles
Goldeye Lake5-162 ft4,591 ft4 miles
Grants Settlement17-1,660 ft611 ft17 miles
Grassy River High Falls4-268 ft1,138 ft3 miles
Gray Creek1-4,406 ft1 mile31 miles
Green Point1-41 ft43 ft2 miles
Greenwood Conservation Area55-1,785 ft545 ft20 miles
Grey County Forest - Glenelg Klondyke8-318 ft1,541 ft7 miles
Grey Mountain46-2,960 ft614 ft18 miles
Guelph Lake Trails59-1,098 ft1,207 ft17 miles
Gun Lake11-9,540 ft1 mile20 miles
Hadley48-3,200 ft604 ft21 miles
Hail Pond Community Park4-13 ft241 ft4,626 ft
HammerFest131-14,229 ft2,146 ft56 miles
Hanlon Creek24-394 ft1,128 ft7 miles
Happy Creek38-3,414 ft3,875 ft23 miles
Harbourview28-5,651 ft1,788 ft19 miles
Harold S Bradshaw Memorial Park2-3 ft587 ft2,900 ft
Harold Town Conservation Area19-1,241 ft812 ft9 miles
Hartland Mountain Bike Park85-6,574 ft1,225 ft29 miles
Haughn Property Trails00 ft0 ft0 ft
Hawrelak34-1,598 ft2,205 ft12 miles
Heart Lake12-426 ft925 ft10 miles
Hiawatha Highlands123-6,151 ft1,410 ft72 miles
Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area00 ft0 ft0 ft
High Rim Trail to Kelowna5-5,711 ft4,702 ft27 miles
High Rim Trail to Vernon3-2,862 ft4,719 ft13 miles
Highland Creek Ranch00 ft0 ft0 ft
Highline4-1,857 ft5,280 ft6 miles
Hillcrest Mountain3-3,399 ft1 mile15 miles
Hinton Bike Park23-884 ft3,724 ft7 miles
Hope Mountain6-2,682 ft1 mile6 miles
Hornby Island71-9,726 ft980 ft40 miles
Horne Lake6-1,268 ft1,318 ft5 miles
Horse Trails (The Monastery Trails)7-408 ft999 ft3 miles
Humber River Valley93-1,422 ft560 ft43 miles
Humphrey Brook18-871 ft182 ft11 miles
Hungry Hollow4-203 ft817 ft4 miles
Huntington Park13-550 ft760 ft11 miles
Hyde Tract17-237 ft954 ft6 miles
Hyla Park8-16 ft50 ft1 mile
Idaho Peak14-17,104 ft1 mile39 miles
Indian Battle Park18-906 ft2,963 ft12 miles
Iron Mountain35-14,718 ft1 mile35 miles
Iroquoia Heights27-838 ft748 ft9 miles
Island Lake16-7,661 ft1 mile27 miles
Island View24-1,174 ft469 ft11 miles
Jackson Park / Fairbairn22-1,349 ft938 ft8 miles
Jarvis Bay12-361 ft3,210 ft4 miles
Jefferson Forest115-3,143 ft1,094 ft33 miles
Joe's Lake7-651 ft219 ft10 miles
Jordan Valley4-51 ft313 ft3,084 ft
Joshua's Valley Park34-299 ft351 ft4 miles
Joss Mountain00 ft0 ft0 ft
Jumbo Wilderness10 ft0 ft0 ft
Kager Lake (Please use Boer Mountain and Kager Lake area)00 ft0 ft0 ft
Kalamalka Lake85-17,912 ft4,563 ft70 miles
Kama Cliffs Conservation Reserve2-374 ft1,184 ft3 miles
Kamaniskeg Lake17-1,791 ft1,296 ft13 miles
Kamaniskeg Lake South4-802 ft1,407 ft5 miles
Kane Valley Trails24-3,461 ft4,366 ft29 miles
Kaslo Interpretive Forest Recreation Area7-2,436 ft3,865 ft10 miles
Kawartha Trans Canada Trail3-780 ft974 ft37 miles
Keillor39-1,320 ft2,208 ft9 miles
Kejimkujik National Park22-2,532 ft584 ft51 miles
Kejimkujik National Park Seaside2-261 ft112 ft4 miles
Kelowna Nordic32-2,594 ft4,519 ft40 miles
Ken Reid Conservation Area14-278 ft871 ft7 miles
Kenmount Hill21-1,792 ft857 ft12 miles
Kenna Cartwright Park44-7,270 ft2,890 ft29 miles
Kentville Ravine7-304 ft276 ft2 miles
Keppoch Mountain51-6,114 ft717 ft22 miles
Kerncliff19-1,780 ft844 ft14 miles
Kettle Lakes Provincial Park17-506 ft988 ft18 miles
Keystone Standard Basin2-1,496 ft1 mile17 miles
Kichi Sibi Winter Trail21-197 ft213 ft10 miles
Kikomun Creek Provincial Park5-277 ft3,399 ft7 miles
Kimberley Area Trails18-2,605 ft4,483 ft13 miles
Kimberley Forest50-2,433 ft1,392 ft18 miles
Kimberley Nature Park57-5,853 ft4,619 ft34 miles
King Eddie Plateau63-8,176 ft4,885 ft83 miles
King's Forest56-2,104 ft698 ft35 miles
Kinloss Tract Trail System1-102 ft1,013 ft1 mile
Kinnaird Park29-1,045 ft2,175 ft7 miles
Kinsmen Park1-14 ft59 ft2,044 ft
Kinsmen Park / Hixon Dump34-488 ft630 ft6 miles
Kirkland Lake1-50 ft1,104 ft2 miles
Kleskun Hill Natural Area3-19 ft2,367 ft5,262 ft
Knox Mountain Park47-4,630 ft2,100 ft19 miles
Lady Slipper19-3,643 ft1,586 ft37 miles
LaFortune Park31-1,060 ft692 ft20 miles
Lake Side6-772 ft410 ft3 miles
Larch Hills Nordic Trails133-12,950 ft4,569 ft89 miles
Lark Harbour0-1,020 ft821 ft2 miles
Larose Forest76-413 ft262 ft25 miles
Larose Forest ORM5-377 ft280 ft7 miles
Latimer Park3-293 ft231 ft3 miles
Laurentian Ski Hill Area75-5,032 ft1,122 ft20 miles
Les Montagnards18-1,140 ft804 ft12 miles
Lillian Lake17-3,894 ft3,529 ft23 miles
Limerick Forest58-1,667 ft423 ft31 miles
Limerick Forest North21-397 ft418 ft14 miles
Limestone Hill26-7 ft594 ft2 miles
Lindsay Tract Trails12-353 ft692 ft7 miles
Lion's Head Beach Park1-6 ft590 ft2,195 ft
Lion’s Head Provincial Park7-981 ft827 ft14 miles
Liscomb River4-297 ft105 ft6 miles
Little Elbow7-4,891 ft1 mile48 miles
Little Lakes4-12 ft551 ft3 miles
Little Mountain Park20-732 ft1,922 ft12 miles
Little Tract00 ft0 ft0 ft
Lockhart Ryan Memorial Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Logan Lake66-9,922 ft4,635 ft46 miles
Lois Creek25-1,473 ft4,206 ft20 miles
Long Lake13-1,129 ft2,318 ft10 miles
Lost Lake57-3,992 ft3,189 ft23 miles
Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve51-4,024 ft1,148 ft35 miles
Lynch Creek4-835 ft2,688 ft5 miles
Macaulay Mountain24-814 ft527 ft9 miles
MacMillan Nature Preserve10-108 ft756 ft3 miles
Mactaquac12-568 ft392 ft9 miles
Madawaska Nordic Trail System15-946 ft738 ft21 miles
Malahat Ridge1-3 ft1,500 ft3,268 ft
Malde Creek30-14,557 ft4,311 ft46 miles
Manitou Mountain4-919 ft1,215 ft5 miles
Manning Park76-37,915 ft1 mile192 miles
Maple Mountain40-6,744 ft1,652 ft38 miles
MARC Trails21-968 ft236 ft6 miles
Maroon Mountain1-219 ft4,842 ft5 miles
Marshall Lake00 ft0 ft0 ft
Mattie Mitchell2-10 ft28 ft850 ft
McBride Mountain Trails Network10-5,027 ft4,435 ft13 miles
McKinnon Flats3-443 ft3,350 ft1 mile
McMaster Mill Historic Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
MD of Taber/Town of Taber Coulee Trails45-1,492 ft2,674 ft18 miles
Meadow Creek Area Trails50 ft0 ft0 ft
Meadow Wood Park3-87 ft697 ft5,101 ft
Medby Trail Network8-2,450 ft1,175 ft3 miles
Meduxnekeag Trails15-1,343 ft436 ft16 miles
Merry Creek10-5,064 ft4,805 ft18 miles
MFB Chaleur81-2,614 ft143 ft50 miles
Midway Trails14-2,646 ft3,095 ft12 miles
Milford Community Center4-91 ft179 ft1 mile
Mill Creek Ravine90-2,191 ft2,264 ft24 miles
Mill Woods139-1,816 ft2,421 ft60 miles
Millbrook Valley Trails21-1,207 ft1,080 ft11 miles
Millennium Park63-3,096 ft667 ft27 miles
Millennium Park3-92 ft3,327 ft3 miles
Mink Bay4-253 ft1,133 ft2 miles
Mississippi Valley7-398 ft495 ft6 miles
Moncton Riverfront1-60 ft32 ft4 miles
Mono Cliffs Provincial Park24-1,419 ft1,719 ft16 miles
Montane Fernie22-3,863 ft3,916 ft29 miles
Monte Christo - KC54-12,832 ft4,223 ft30 miles
Moon Lake00 ft0 ft0 ft
Moonrakers29-6,028 ft5,219 ft38 miles
Morning Mountain20-9,683 ft4,450 ft16 miles
Morrison Dam Conservation Area3-81 ft923 ft2 miles
Morrissey Ridge34-23,410 ft1 mile111 miles
Mount 716-10,595 ft1 mile21 miles
Mount Baker3-7,128 ft1 mile12 miles
Mount Brennan / Whitewater Mountain Area Trails10 ft0 ft0 ft
Mount Buchanan (East)6-7,272 ft1 mile6 miles
Mount Fernie Provincial Park79-15,385 ft1 mile64 miles
Mount Fromme96-19,433 ft2,932 ft39 miles
Mount Harry Davis8-2,526 ft3,811 ft8 miles
Mount Mackenzie2-558 ft1,941 ft2 miles
Mount Proctor21-8,536 ft1 mile29 miles
Mount Richards17-2,422 ft1,157 ft12 miles
Mount Robson Provincial Park12-3,562 ft1 mile46 miles
Mount Seymour111-14,782 ft2,740 ft41 miles
Mount Thompson6-975 ft1 mile22 miles
Mount Tzouhalem73-10,682 ft1,629 ft35 miles
Mount Wood20-2,796 ft1,676 ft16 miles
Mountain Shadows18-2,969 ft3,430 ft19 miles
Mountain Station45-12,336 ft1 mile23 miles
Mt Baldy3-533 ft2,435 ft4 miles
Mt Tuam Community Park6-76 ft1,458 ft2,738 ft
Mt Wabi10-2,378 ft3,310 ft8 miles
Mt. Abriel70-15,817 ft5,261 ft42 miles
Mt. Hamell3-4,591 ft1 mile18 miles
Mt. Mahony28-8,266 ft2,888 ft30 miles
Mt. Pope Provincial Park33-9,740 ft4,805 ft26 miles
Mud Lakes8-6,438 ft1 mile45 miles
Mundy Park15-1,169 ft638 ft9 miles
Musquodoboit Trailway Network7-3,953 ft393 ft24 miles
MVP66-4,562 ft401 ft27 miles
Nature's Harmony Ecolodge14-316 ft884 ft2 miles
Nelson Conservation Area1-10 ft112 ft1,211 ft
Nelson's North Shore44-18,113 ft1 mile50 miles
Neptune Creek14-9,331 ft4,969 ft28 miles
New England27-302 ft268 ft17 miles
Nez Perce8-2,545 ft1 mile15 miles
Nitehawk Bike Park32-5,360 ft2,211 ft14 miles
No Flow Zone35-4,151 ft2,623 ft14 miles
Noble Canyon18-10,232 ft4,997 ft33 miles
Nokiidaa Trail System46-907 ft948 ft20 miles
North Benson / Jameson34-7,639 ft3,343 ft25 miles
North East Edmonton15-1,225 ft2,150 ft15 miles
North Nordegg11-371 ft4,519 ft5 miles
Northeast Woods43-1,153 ft199 ft10 miles
Northshore58-4,051 ft1,317 ft26 miles
Northwest Bay Trails92-2,777 ft402 ft40 miles
Nose Creek Park36-549 ft3,638 ft14 miles
Nymph Falls Park19-561 ft468 ft8 miles
Oak Ridges Corridor49-631 ft1,052 ft24 miles
Oaken Hills Park4-5 ft253 ft3,553 ft
Oakfield Provincial Park8-168 ft112 ft3 miles
Oakridge Road6-523 ft531 ft1 mile
Octagon Pond00 ft0 ft0 ft
Okanagan Mountain Park10-6,560 ft5,086 ft27 miles
Old Town site00 ft0 ft0 ft
Orono Crown Land17-475 ft573 ft10 miles
Otway39-4,407 ft2,425 ft20 miles
Parc des sommets - Réseau de la Montagne69-10,533 ft1,639 ft46 miles
Parc des sommets - Réseau du Mont-Oak27-2,342 ft754 ft12 miles
Parc Plein Air Cap-Pelé7-330 ft92 ft3 miles
Park Hill33-1,940 ft1,503 ft24 miles
Parkland Beach14-67 ft3,073 ft3 miles
Paskapoo Slopes76-3,041 ft4,059 ft15 miles
Pass Powderkeg32-6,661 ft5,209 ft25 miles
Pat Mahaney Mountain Bike Trails3-80 ft154 ft3,881 ft
Pats creek1-381 ft1,642 ft2,592 ft
Pavan Park13-1,642 ft2,967 ft9 miles
Paxton's Bush1-10 ft595 ft3,445 ft
Peninsula Road00 ft0 ft0 ft
Penticton Street Maze52-2,421 ft459 ft20 miles
Petrie's Landing5-186 ft276 ft2 miles
Pidherny Recreation Site101-14,648 ft2,713 ft60 miles
Pilot Point Peninsula16-5,009 ft3,180 ft19 miles
Pine Le Moray Provincial Park29-1,665 ft3,619 ft21 miles
Pineview56-9,385 ft3,268 ft37 miles
Piper Creek Ravine00 ft0 ft0 ft
Piper Recreation Area11-5,245 ft1 mile11 miles
Plein Air Sutton54-7,907 ft2,236 ft27 miles
Porcupine Ridge24-884 ft938 ft8 miles
Porcupine Ski Runners8-1,117 ft1,116 ft15 miles
Port Hawkesbury Trail System19-700 ft436 ft8 miles
Porters Lake Provincial Park6-80 ft46 ft2 miles
Predator Ridge48-3,099 ft2,563 ft15 miles
Presqu'Ile Provincial Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Ptarmigan Recreation Trails5-1,639 ft2,689 ft5 miles
Quadra Island North91-14,182 ft1,814 ft64 miles
Quarry Lake Trails16-623 ft4,748 ft7 miles
Quartz Creek7-892 ft3,809 ft5 miles
Quartz Qreek00 ft0 ft0 ft
Radar Hill44-5,931 ft1,051 ft28 miles
Red Deer41-1,529 ft2,945 ft27 miles
Red Deer Mountain Bike Park24-697 ft2,868 ft5 miles
Red Mountain20-4,956 ft5,208 ft16 miles
Red Mountain41-7,043 ft1,843 ft28 miles
Redstone17-1,664 ft3,187 ft15 miles
Reinecker Creek Trail System8-2,087 ft2,595 ft24 miles
Reservoir Park14-770 ft266 ft4 miles
Resource Management Centre32-981 ft1,057 ft14 miles
Rialto16-5,843 ft4,961 ft17 miles
Richmond Hill22-2,015 ft679 ft12 miles
Rip'n The North Bike Park25-2,179 ft2,316 ft7 miles
Rockwood Park63-3,751 ft298 ft26 miles
Rocky Mountain House12-748 ft3,273 ft21 miles
Rose Swanson1-155 ft3,031 ft1 mile
Rose Valley68-13,638 ft4,997 ft53 miles
Rosebery11-5,977 ft1 mile20 miles
Rossland Range18-13,151 ft1 mile45 miles
Rotary Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Rouge Valley Park6-248 ft622 ft3 miles
Rover Creek52-2,956 ft4,622 ft31 miles
Rubberhead Trail System37-10,426 ft4,257 ft32 miles
Salmon Arm Greenways64-1,550 ft2,014 ft13 miles
Sandy Lake Park33-1,543 ft322 ft8 miles
Santa Rosa Trails9-13,875 ft1 mile49 miles
Schoolhouse Trail Network3-946 ft582 ft5 miles
SE Calgary River Trails and East FCP28-1,123 ft3,472 ft37 miles
Searchmont4-3,114 ft1,441 ft19 miles
Selkirk College19-1,109 ft1,933 ft9 miles
Sentiers Madawaska Trails34-6,674 ft1,346 ft41 miles
Shaffner Dr. Wetland Restoration30 ft0 ft0 ft
Shallow Bay3-3 ft3 ft4,907 ft
Shannon Pass6-7,720 ft1 mile8 miles
Shawnigan Lake Quarry10-227 ft624 ft2 miles
Short Hills Provincial Park15-732 ft552 ft9 miles
Shulaps3-3,892 ft1 mile19 miles
Silver Star Bike Park252-87,016 ft1 mile165 miles
Skagit Valley Provincial Park15-3,590 ft1 mile38 miles
Skead8-769 ft1,062 ft2 miles
Skihist Provincial Park10 ft0 ft0 ft
Skirt Mountain14-2,954 ft1,134 ft5 miles
Skmana Lake Recreation Site15-1,195 ft2,603 ft9 miles
Slave Lake00 ft0 ft0 ft
Sleeping Giant Provincial Park16-4,765 ft1,683 ft64 miles
Slocan Valley20 ft0 ft0 ft
Smallwood Creek13-7,837 ft1 mile33 miles
Smileys Provincial Park14-207 ft191 ft4 miles
Snake Hill4-147 ft3,715 ft2 miles
Snowden Demonstration Forest89-10,498 ft981 ft63 miles
Soda Creek Road3-1,163 ft3,064 ft7 miles
South Bear Creek Trails21-1,137 ft2,192 ft26 miles
South Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park53-51,381 ft2 miles186 miles
South Milne Park7-366 ft594 ft11 miles
South Nordegg52-7,678 ft1 mile44 miles
South Side43-11,145 ft3,031 ft39 miles
South Star Trails39-3,157 ft4,460 ft37 miles
South Surrey Bike Park2-268 ft414 ft4 miles
Sparwood Ridge32-3,695 ft4,663 ft21 miles
Spectacle and Frenchman Lake Park8-43 ft233 ft1 mile
Springwater Conservation Area5-794 ft831 ft6 miles
Sproat Lake30-3,329 ft517 ft19 miles
Spruce Park16-29 ft118 ft3 miles
St. Kateri / Crimson Ridge Trails10-1,110 ft1,084 ft14 miles
Stanley Park53-3,420 ft298 ft34 miles
Station Flats / Allen Bill16-6,110 ft1 mile42 miles
Stave West - Rolley Lake9-2,581 ft1,396 ft20 miles
Steady Brook3-2,641 ft1,638 ft12 miles
Steelhead14-1,897 ft1,741 ft13 miles
Stella lake1-288 ft3,105 ft3,701 ft
Stony Swamp133-3,057 ft432 ft56 miles
Strathcona Science Provincial Park49-1,969 ft2,186 ft11 miles
Stuckless Pond / Stanleyville4-1,332 ft410 ft9 miles
Sugar Bush4-78 ft491 ft2 miles
Sugarbush Heritage Park5-110 ft700 ft2 miles
Sugarloaf15-5,377 ft4,375 ft36 miles
Sumas Mountain54-16,649 ft2,974 ft47 miles
Suncoast36-2,165 ft543 ft26 miles
Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest Park70 ft0 ft0 ft
Sussex Bluffs12-1,818 ft957 ft11 miles
SVCA - Allan Park Conservation Area21-661 ft1,148 ft7 miles
Svoboda Road26-11,715 ft3,833 ft20 miles
Swakum Mountain8-2,499 ft3,486 ft10 miles
Swansea Mountain Recreation Site24-9,391 ft1 mile18 miles
Sylvan Lake00 ft0 ft0 ft
Tamihi (Chilliwack River)85-37,638 ft1 mile185 miles
Telemark Nordic Club10-1,042 ft4,038 ft9 miles
Terrace Mountain29-7,286 ft1,374 ft23 miles
Terwillegar128-4,232 ft2,298 ft44 miles
The Abyss / Extension Ridge62-4,583 ft981 ft39 miles
The Bluff Recreation Area42-7,432 ft2,888 ft23 miles
The Farm5-1,251 ft461 ft10 miles
The Gorge41-1,630 ft466 ft12 miles
The Hood20-39 ft577 ft9 miles
The Hydrocut42-1,864 ft1,379 ft19 miles
The Legacy Trails9-274 ft197 ft7 miles
The Lorne Trails8-446 ft404 ft5 miles
The Pines50-1,068 ft1,030 ft12 miles
The Pump House13-1,931 ft804 ft22 miles
The Quarry8-24 ft458 ft1 mile
The Railyard at Victoria Park107-2,816 ft517 ft37 miles
The Rez2-143 ft211 ft2 miles
The Ridge9-476 ft1,040 ft3 miles
The ROC7-130 ft794 ft3 miles
The Village Trails2-26 ft498 ft4,457 ft
Thetis Lake Regional Park63-5,139 ft966 ft32 miles
Thimble Mountain8-3,200 ft4,326 ft8 miles
Three Sisters Mountain Village6-1,242 ft2 miles16 miles
Toogood Pond4-55 ft624 ft2 miles
Top of the World Provincial Park1-3 ft1 mile2,317 ft
Toronto Port Lands51-190 ft297 ft27 miles
Tower Trails14-567 ft335 ft5 miles
Trail Bluffs11-3,066 ft2,673 ft9 miles
Trent University16-444 ft778 ft5 miles
Troubridge13-5,574 ft3,043 ft51 miles
Trout River Pond1-423 ft362 ft4 miles
Trowbridge Forest53-2,167 ft995 ft29 miles
True Blue Recreation Area31-4,392 ft2 miles27 miles
Tsutswecw Provincial Park/ Roderick Haig-Brown22-1,572 ft1,443 ft47 miles
Two Creeks Conservation Area1-408 ft647 ft5 miles
Tyaughton Lake43-21,079 ft1 mile70 miles
University Hill32-3,654 ft2,729 ft26 miles
Urban Trails7-561 ft1,944 ft5 miles
Valemount and Area78-27,240 ft2 miles259 miles
Valemount Bike Park61-14,538 ft4,953 ft47 miles
Vedder Mountain212-36,129 ft3,009 ft141 miles
Vermilion Provincial Park7-367 ft2,008 ft7 miles
Victoria Rail Trail3-147 ft896 ft6 miles
Vintage1-104 ft4,404 ft3 miles
Visitor Centre Nordic Trails8-949 ft361 ft7 miles
Waa’say’ Gaa Boo (Tunnel Island Trail)9-697 ft1,150 ft7 miles
Walden Trails120-2,538 ft965 ft28 miles
Wasaga Beach Provincial Park37-1,084 ft706 ft36 miles
Wasaga Nordic and Trail Center10-327 ft697 ft15 miles
Water District Lands19-710 ft495 ft6 miles
Waterlily Lake00 ft0 ft0 ft
Waterloo Trails10-950 ft2,416 ft7 miles
Wavy Lake00 ft0 ft0 ft
Wells/Barkerville Mountain Trails7-10,751 ft1 mile59 miles
West Don Parklands49-1,087 ft640 ft15 miles
West Dover Provincial Park13-475 ft123 ft5 miles
West Lake Trails32-4,234 ft880 ft18 miles
West Rocks Conservation Area14-201 ft850 ft7 miles
Westpointe Ravine30-647 ft2,273 ft12 miles
Westside - Rainbow59-18,030 ft1 mile48 miles
Westside - Sproatt115-27,569 ft1 mile86 miles
Westsyde57-22,141 ft3,323 ft89 miles
Westwood54-6,931 ft2,350 ft34 miles
Whistler North79-19,086 ft1 mile87 miles
Whistler South CRA41-14,890 ft1 mile30 miles
Whistler Village27-1,841 ft2,343 ft8 miles
White Lake8-4,124 ft3,328 ft14 miles
White Rock Community Trails7-152 ft216 ft1 mile
White Rock Recreation Area73-5,624 ft656 ft28 miles
Whitehorse Wildland Provincial Park00 ft0 ft0 ft
Whitemud29-1,867 ft2,290 ft17 miles
Whitesands First Nation Reserve32-836 ft1,374 ft14 miles
Whitewater Gravity Trails5-1,081 ft3,641 ft4 miles
Wilderness Trails6-1,173 ft4,727 ft11 miles
Wildwood Conservation Area9-2,192 ft1,198 ft17 miles
William A. Switzer Provincial Park16-2,272 ft5,125 ft22 miles
Willmore Park22-103 ft3,051 ft4 miles
Wilson Lake11-3,201 ft1 mile33 miles
Wolverine Trails14-973 ft2,886 ft13 miles
Wonderland12-3,799 ft2,899 ft9 miles
Wood Buffalo National Park12-1,635 ft941 ft32 miles
Woodlot35-6,764 ft1,983 ft18 miles
Woolastook53-1,628 ft492 ft16 miles
Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park8-505 ft3,095 ft4 miles
Xat'sull - Soda Creek9-4,459 ft3,101 ft25 miles
York Regional Forest - Brown Hill Tract22-1,355 ft894 ft10 miles

2 Reviews for IMBA Canada

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 From the IMBA website: "...we recommend 10% as a maximum overall trail grade." This is a great rule if you want to build the lamest trails on earth.
  • + 2
 IMBA helps build MTB culture across Canada. Thanks for doing this important work!
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