Supported/Adopted Trails

"A" MinusAnaconda Hills
"A" TrailAlamogordo
"P" TrailColumbia Falls
#131Sapphire WSA
#132Sapphire WSA
#2 access roadWenatchee
#4427 Traverse to Coyote WallSyncline
$300 HaircutKelly Canyon
'Lynn' CutoffWard Mountain
(079)Big Holes
(458)Central Caribou Highlands
001Canfield Mountain Trail System
003Canfield Mountain Trail System
005Canfield Mountain Trail System
007 (First)Bass Lake
007 (Fourth Tie In)Bass Lake
007 (Fourth Tie In) - 7S50OBass Lake
007 (Fourth)Bass Lake
007 (Second)Bass Lake
007 (Third)Bass Lake
011Southern Caribou Highlands
025 Spur RdElkhorn Mountains
035 Spur RdElkhorn Mountains
049 Strawberry RiverDaniels Summit
06-02 ConnectorSawtooth
06-04 ConnectorSawtooth
06-06 ConnectorSawtooth
06-08 East Moto TrailSawtooth
06-08 West Moto TrailSawtooth
1-4Rock Creek OHV
10 Gallon HatPattee Canyon
10 Mountain Division trailAspen
105AMingus Mtn.
106Mingus Mtn.
10K NorthSandia Mountain East Side Trails
10K SouthSandia Peak Ski & Tram
12-Horse TrailTwelvemile
120AHermit Park Open Space
12N31ATahoe Mountain
12N31A ConnectorTahoe Mountain
130-Moto TrailPost Canyon
130-Moto TrailPost Canyon
133 Borderline-Moto TrailPost Canyon
1330 BypassTanasi Trail System
1356 to Mine trailGoldfield Mountains
1513The Rattlesnake
15th Street Public Bike PathFallen Leaf
160 Baby HeadsPost Canyon
18E37E ConnectorHartoonian Trails
18E37N North ConnectorHartoonian Trails
18E37N South ConnectorHartoonian Trails
18E37R Alternate IHartoonian Trails
18E37R Alternate IIHartoonian Trails
19 OaksSanta Barbara
1N12Angelus Oaks
2 Beavers & a BearSawtooth
2 Mile Road, NF 271, NF 424, NF 2322Capital Hill
2 Upper Lairds DownhillWestern Slope
200 Trail ExtensionGranite Dells
200 Trail LoopGranite Dells
21 Road / Red RoadMt. Bachelor Bike Park
227 to Carlin BayMt Coeur D Alene
230Sandia Foothills - North
230 FeetWagonhammer
230ASandia Foothills - North
235 Road Trail #502Carr Lake Trails
264 - West SpruceThumb Butte
264 - West SprucePrescott
27th Street AccessOgden
2BucksCopper Mountain Resort
2nd Water RidgeDiamond Fork
3 Kaylors Knob Ridge Trail NorthWestern Slope
3 P RoadKeystone Resort
30 AcreGlorieta Adventure Camps
302.8Pattee Canyon
302.9Pattee Canyon
305Sandia Foothills - North
305ASandia Foothills - North
310 Road (Whoops Climb)Phil's
315 road connectorPatrick Creek - Smith River
32e305 (Aspen Drop)Bishop
338Mingus Mtn.
341Sandia Foothills - North
341 - HokaygonPrescott
345 - Mint WashGranite Basin
346 - Willow ConnectorGranite Basin
347Granite Basin
347 (Lower)Prescott
347 (Lower)Prescott
347 - WillowGranite Basin
347 AccPrescott
348 - Chimbley WaterPrescott
350Mingus Mtn.
350 - Surprise SpringsPrescott
351 - West LakePrescott
352 - Mint Wash ConnectorPrescott
35E13 (Payson Canyon)Bishop
366Sandia Foothills - North
36th ChamberTrestle Bike Park
371 - Camp 28Goldwater Lakes
372 - Twist and ShoutGoldwater Lakes
373 - Apple BlossomGoldwater Lakes
374 - Hidden ValleyGoldwater Lakes
38 SpecialGrand Targhee Resort
391 - High Valley RanchPrescott
3rd WaterDiamond Fork
4 The BoysLeavenworth Ski Hill
4-Mile BasinAnaconda
40 - Clark SpringGranite Basin
409.5Brush Creek
40N88XThe Gateway Trail System
41653Peavine Mountain
425 Pack TrailTwisp
440 AbbreviatedNorthern Gallatin Range
45 Mile Campground RoadStrawberry
453c ConnectorMt Coeur D Alene
4613 RdPhil's
48th St.Medora
4th July to N TowerWagonhammer
4th of July Creek RdWagonhammer
4th of July RidgeMt Bonaparte
4th of July TrailIcicle Ridge
4th WaterDiamond Fork
5-stopperArroyo Hondo Headwaters
5-WayCrested Butte Town Trails
5018 RdMills River
505Sandia Foothills - North
51Thumb Butte
6.01 - Moto TrailBlue Mountain
63J RoadTelluride
7 Ball TrailBullards Bar
7.1Rock Creek OHV
700 BailFlagstaff
700DA - an abandoned road bedVedauwoo / Blair
715Mount Herman
715 ConnectorMount Herman
735 Willow Creek (lower)Daniels Summit
762 Kiowa
762-To-707CKelly Motorized Trail System
776North Cheyenne Cañon Park
7th HeavenPurgatory Resort
8 Ball Trail (7 Ball to Rebel Ridge)Bullards Bar
8 Ball Trail (Campground-Dark Day Rd.)Bullards Bar
8 Ball Trail (Dark Day Rd-7 Ball Tr)Bullards Bar
8 Ball Trail (Marysville Rd-Schoolhouse CG)Bullards Bar
8 Ball Trail (Rebel Ridge to Old Camptonville Rd)Bullards Bar
8 Mile SaddleLolo
867-to-FayKelly Motorized Trail System
8th Street MX TrailBoise Foothills
9003PMingus Mtn.
911A (Peacemaker) TrailCorral Canyon OHV Area
925.1B (Old Horse Trail)Magnolia
9401 JPrescott
A Quiet AlternativeGoldfield Mountains
A-10 LoopVail Valley
A-H CreekMagic Mountain
A-roadCopper Mountain Resort
A-Road (Center Village)Copper Mountain Resort
A-Road (west Village)Copper Mountain Resort
A. Davis TrailCanaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge
Abandoned TrailDark Divide
Abbot Creek Nature TrailColumbia Falls
Abbott Valley TrailColumbia Falls
Abercrombie Summit East ApproachAbercrombie Mountain
Abercrombie Summit TrailAbercrombie Mountain
Abineau Osage Dead End
Abro Lake TrailTobacco Roots
Abro Lake TrailTobacco Roots
Access Fire RoadWenatchee
Access RdTwelvemile
Access Rd FR7807 - 029Dark Divide
Access RoadPrescott
Access RoadRock Creek OHV
Access RoadRock Creek OHV
Access RoadEast Cuesta Ridge
Access RoadChina Peak Mountain Resort
Access RoadChina Peak Mountain Resort
Access RoadZuni Mountains
Access RoadCimarron
Access RoadBangtail Mountains
Access RoadMedora
Access RoadMedora
Access RoadMedora
Access RoadMedora
Access RoadMedora
Access RoadMedora
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