• Closed / Red
  • Snow Covered - non groomed snow cover
Dinah Moe Humm
Disco Boy
Dwarf Nebula
Fountain of Love
Gee I Like Your Pants
Gypsy Drum
Jellyroll Gumdrop
Molly Hogan
Peaches en Regalia
Pinocchio's Furniture
Siwash Trail
Son of Mr. Green Genes
The Torture Never Stops
Tin Pants
Toads of the Short Forest
Tommy Moore
White Gold Traverse
Zoot Allures
A La Mode
A River Runs Through It
Beaver Pass
Billy Epic
Bob's Rebob
Fever Cat
Cheap Thrills
Danimal Middle
Rainbow-Sproatt Flank (Westside)
Get Over It
High Society
Industrial Disease
Lower Sproatt
Mandatory Suicide
Mel's Dilemma
Rick's Roost
Whip Me Snip Me
Top of the World
After Atlantis (Connector Trail)
Crabapple Hits
Easy Does It - Upper
Easy Does It - Lower
World Cup Single Track
Angry Pirate - Lower
B-Line - Upper
B-Line - Lower
Crank It Up - Upper
Crank It Up - Lower
Devils Club
Golden Triangle
Heart of Darkness
Ho Chi Min
Karate Monkey
Ninja Cougar
Samurai Pizza Cat
Smoke and Mirrors
Bear Cub Connector
Blue Velvet - Upper
Una Moss
A-Line - Upper
A-Line - Lower
Original Sin
Khyber Pass
Babylon By Bike (lower)
Kill Me Thrill Me
A Rockwork Orange
Wizard Burial Ground
Bush Doctor
Tunnel Vision (Upper)
Big Timber
Millar Creek
Industrial Society
Section 102
Cougar Mountain FSR / Kaolis
Twenty-Seven Switchbacks
Korova Milk Bar
Angry Pirate - Upper
Monkey Hands
Too Tight
Freight Train - Upper
Duffman - Upper
Yummy Numby (Lower)
Instant Gratification
Roam in the Loam
Golden Boner
Side Track
No Joke - Lower
Drop In Clinic
Lower Joyride
Upper Joyride
Hey Bud
Duffman - Lower
Goat's Gully
Little Alder
No Duff
No Joke - Upper
Freight Train / No Joke
Captain Safety
In Deep
Blue Velvet - Lower
Crabapple Turns
Dirt Merchant Pro-Line
POLP Fiction
Freight Train - Lower
Whistler Downhill - Upper
French Connection
Del Bocca Vista
Shady Acres
Family Cross
Funshine Rolly Drops
Wednesday Night Delight
Whistler Downhill - Lower
B-Line Connector
Detroit Rock City
Canadian Open Course - Upper
Clown Shoes
Mid Mountain Connector
Afternoon Delight
Dual Slalom
Peak Chair Connector
Mackenzie River
Tech Noir
Dwayne Johnson
Duncan's (It's Business Time)
Lower Microwave Tower Access Road
See Colours and Puke
Just Another Bike Trail
Access Road
Microwave Tower Road
Mid-Babylon Access Road
Eastside Main Road
BC's Trail
Love Canal
Valley Trail - Function to Spring Creek
Valley Trail - Spring Creek to Millar's Pond
Sea 2 Sky Trail - Cheakamus
Cheakamus River Access Road
Lower Yer Saddle
Runaway Train
Train Wreck
Access Road - Train Wreck
End of the Line
MacLaurin's Crossing
Westside Main Road
Basalt Valley Spur
Upper Ridge
Loggers Lake Trail
Lower Ridge
Ridge Shortcut
Ride Don't Slide
Valley Trail - Cheakamus Way
Valley Trail - Cheakamus Way to Alpha
Valley Trail - Bayshore to Creekside
Valley Trail - Creekside to Nita
Pura Vida
Danimal North
Fitzsimmons Connector
Valley Trail - Tyrol Lodge to Lakeside
Valley Trail - Alpha to Alta
Valley Trail - Alpha Lake
Valley Trail - Alta Lake to Alta Lake Road
Valley Trail - Rainbow to Lorimer
Valley Trail - Heron Place to HWY 99
Upper Howler
Valley Trail - Blueberry to Linkside
Valley Trail - Linkside to Balsam Way
Valley Trail - Lakeside Park
Lost Lake Loop
Valley Trail - Lost Lake to the Upper Village
Lost Lake Connector
Beach Cut
Old Mill Road
Lost Lake Connector
Upper Panorama
Upper Panorama Connector
Lower Panorama
Hydro Hill
Hydro Cut
Lower Panorama Connector
Centennial Trail
Grand Wazoo
Poler's Road
Comfortably Numb (Foreplay Descent)
Treacherous Cretins
Central Scrutinizer
Zappa / Cretins Connector
Packard Goose
I'm Not Satisfied
Why Johnny Can't Read
Green Lake Loop
Panorama / Old Mill Connector
Ms. Pinky
Spruce Grove Access
Soap and Old Clothes
Soap Connector
Elephant Bridge
Elephant Bridge Connector
Donkey Puncher
No Horses
Pinocchio's Furniture Access (North)
Pinocchio's Furniture Access (South)
Fountain of Love Access
Blackcomb Access Road
Blackcomb Access Road
Blackcomb Access Road
Base 2 Access Road
Blackcomb Access Road
Crazy Train
Valley Trail - Niklaus North
Fitzsimmons Creek Trail
Valley Trail - Blackcomb Way
Valley Trail - Cross Country Connection
Valley Trail - Lost Lake to Day Lots
Valley Trail - Lorimer Road
Valley Trail - Lot 4a
Valley Trail - Blackcomb Way (North)
Valley Trail - Blackcomb Way to HWY 99 (North)
Valley Trail - Blackcomb Way to HWY 99 (South)
Valley Trail - Niklaus North Connector
Valley Trail - Nancy Greene to Spruce Grove
Valley Trail - Spruce Grove to Morris Road
Valley Trail - Morris Road Connector
Valley Trail - Niklaus North to Alpine Way
Valley Trail - Cypress Place to Meadow Park Sports Centre
Valley Trail - Meadow Park Sports Centre to Alpine Way
Valley Trail - Meadow Park
Valley Trail - Meadow Park Connector
Valley Trail - Alpine Way
Valley Trail - High School to Emerald
Valley Trail - Crazy Canuck to Black Bear Ridge
Valley Trail - Parkwood Drive to Crazy Canuck Drive
Death chute
Emerald Access Road
Rainbow-Sproatt Flank (North)
Rick's / Flank Connector
Comfortably Numb (North Secret)
Rainbow Falls Loop
Old Binty's
Twenty-One Mile Creek Access Road
Shit Happens
Big Kahuna
Shit Happens (Climb)
Up Shit Creek
White Knuckles
Access Road
Access Road
Anal Intruder
Lower Anal Intruder
Creamsicle Rainbow
Shit Happens (canyon)
Trial and Error
Trial and Error Access
Shit Happens (South)
Shit Happens / Mountainview Access
No Girlie Man
Yeezus Walks
Green Monster
Emerald Forest
Danimal Access
Scotia Creek Access Rd
Beaver Pond
Westside Powerlines
Piece of Cake
Three Birds
Danimal South
Short Bus
Pigs on the Wing
Valley Trail - Day Lots to Upper Village
Valley Trail - Upper Village to Painted Cliff Road
Blackcomb Trail
Valley Trail - Painted Cliff Road
Valley Trail - Lorimer Road
Valley Trail - Myrtle Philip School
Valley Trail - Beaver Lane to Alta Lake Road
Valley Trail - Blueberry
Valley Trail - Balsam Way to Crabapple Drive
Valley Trail - Alta Lake Road to Meadow Park
Cut Yer Bars blue
Young Lust
Green Lake Access Road
Green Lake Access Road
Wedgemount Road
Green River Access Road
Wish You Were Here
Whistler Cay Trail
High Side
High Side Exit
Micro Climate
Peaches Connector
Fade to Black
Legalize It
Out of the Dust
Micro Climate Access
Magic Chair
Magic Chair Part 2
North Flank Access
Rainbow-Flank North
Screaming Cat Lake
Rainbow-Flank North (Ridge/Howler)
Out There
Sea To Sky (Brandywine/Cal-Cheak)
Bob's Rebob Lower
Rainbow-Sproatt Flank
Access Road
North of Town
Heavy Flow
Golden Door
Bob's Rebob Upper
River Runs Access
Access Road
Emerald Forest 2
Short Connector
Middle of Nowhere
Kushy Love
Seven Year War
Dusty's Downhill
Lower Gargamel
Blue-Fat Connector
Hot Dog Alley
Dark Crystal
Baby Snakes
Nectar Connector
Far Out 1
Jane Lake North
Jane Lakes FSR
Cat Scratch Left
Mandatory Suicide Right
Bear Creek/Bayshores Ski Out
Millar's Pond Path
Cheakamus Lake Trail
Lord of the Squirrels
Lower Sproatt
Bluey Epic
Billy Climb
Lower Canadian Open DH
Sea to Sky (Green Lake 1)
Sea to Sky (Green Lake 2)
Sea to Sky (Green Lake 3)
Working Class
Crank It More
Village Plaza
Kill Me Thrill Me I'm Done
Industrial Waste
Rainbow Express
Bintys Alt Line
POTW Access
Into the Mystic
A Cut Above
Ride Don't Slide Bailout
Trash to Train Wreck Suspension Bridge
Valley Trail - Cheakamus Village
Enter Riverside
Riverside Connector
Millar Creek West
Happy Hour
BC Alt Exit
Blue Boy
Jake Lake East
Hind Sight
Jane Lake South
Lower Howler Access
Industral Disease Chute Bypass
With a Twist
Gargamel Emergency Exit
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